Lake Michigan

The Lake Michigan belongs to the group of the five Great Lakes of North America. It is 176 m high, has an area of 8203 8203 58,016 qkm for comparison Switzerland has an area of 8203 8203 41,287 qkm, Lake Constance 536 km and a maximum water depth of 281 m. Its length is 494 km, its width 190 km and the shore stretches over 2633 km. It is the only major lake in the United States, bordering Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan.

The name Lake Michigan is probably derived from mishi-gami, which means in the language of the Anishinabe Indians as much as great waters great water . The name of the state of Michigan is again borrowed from the name of the lake. On some older maps is still the name Lake Illinois read.

Through the Mackinac Strait English Straits of Mackinac Lake Michigan is connected to Lake Huron. In terms of hydrology, Michigan and Huron lakes are only one lake, and Mackinacstrasse is the narrowest point, about 6 km wide. Accordingly, there is no gradient. Difference in altitude between the two lakes is due to tides.

The beaches of Northern Michigan are the only beaches in the world where you can find Petoskey stones. In 1838, the Clinton Kalamazoo Canal was started to be built into Lake St.Clair, but never completed. On the eastern shore of the lake is the nature reserve Sleeping Bear Dunes. On the eastern shore is also the pumped storage power plant Ludington.