Great Slave Lake

The Great Slave Lake French Grand Lac des Esclaves is a lake in central North Canada, in the Northwest Territories.

The lake has a water surface of 27,048 km . With the islands in it, the area is 28,568 km . With a maximum depth of 614 meters, the Great Slave Lake is the deepest lake in North America.

It is fed by the Slave River and the Hay River. The Lockhart River empties into the McLeod Bay in the extreme northeast of the lake, the Frank Channel drains the Marian Lake in the North Arm, the Taltson River flows into the lake east of the Slave River. The drainage of the Great Slave Lake is the Mackenzie River, one of the largest rivers in North America. The main town of the mostly sparsely populated lake shore is Yellowknife.

The sea surface is 156 meters above sea level, so that the lake bottom is up to 458 meters below sea level due to the extreme depth of the lake. Thus, the Great Slave Lake is a cryptodepression.

The name of the lake has nothing to do with slavery, but goes back to the name of an Indian people Slavey , who settled in the area. The name of the local tribe was formerly phonetically reproduced with slaves in English, but in modern times - especially to avoid the associations to the term slave - was changed to Slavey.